Monday, March 25, 2013

Price of currency pair is going northward but I am convinced it will go southward as was the case for last 4 sessions. It started going down for some time but halted there for quite a long time to the point of impatience , if no action is going on you think you are wasting your time, neither cutting the loss nor gaining much, this dilemma needs to be watched out  attentively , for this is the situation where the probability of reversal   of the direction of trend is very high. But that will happen in future. At this very moment what is happening is the crux of all incoming information. How this dilemma be surpassed is really a challenge  that requires to be taken seriously.

We cannot control incoming information that influences the movement of price but at the same time we can discern   what market is trying to convey us in its own language of price and volume. No other language other than this one is able to tell us anything about the market. So the problem has reduced to a simple endeavor of learning that language and using the specific knowledge to trade the market.

Who will teach this language to us? No one but market. Simple tools of whatever intellect you have and basic knowledge of operating system and platform are sufficient to learn the language.

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