Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Let your profit run.

We have heard it a lot of time but time frame is very important in this aspect. Day traders face this situation more often than not. Always profit turns into loss. Strange are the ways of market. It seems market wants to reward you but you are not receptive at that moment to comprehend the messages of market. Your knowledge of technicalities  of  formation of various charts and their interpretations in hope oriented way endorsing the momentum of price in your favor do not come handy when market start whispering to you. What is badly needed at that time is unconditional and unbiased approach and receptivity.  

Today two times market whispered to me allowing to book profit but I became adamant to make the killing. My ego came in the way in comprehending  the clear message of the market. Consequently eventuality happened.   I could not make the killing rather market killed me for not listening to it.

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